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Av. Calle 24 #47A – 04
Avenida La Esperanza
Quinta Paredes
Bogotá – Colombia
Phone: (888) 888-0088

After years of representing clients from Colombia and throughout Latin America, Petty & Associates, PLLC opened the Bogotá office in 2012 to more effectively represent our clients in Colombia and to become a full participant in the Colombian business community.

Our Bogotá team provides legal services to domestic and international clients with family and businesses in Colombia. They also work closely with our lawyers and legal professionals in the United States to provide our Colombian clients all the advantages of a U.S. based immigration law firm with a local touch.

Doing business in Colombia as Familias Unidas, our Bogotá office, together with our more recently opened office in Medellín, operates as a foreign legal consultancy. Through these offices, Petty & Associates is able to offer U.S. immigration law advice to our clients in Colombia, as well as assist American citizens and lawful permanent residents with family and other interests in the region.

Our lawyers, fluent in Spanish and English, have spent many years working with clients in matters in Colombia and Latin America, and thereby have a solid understanding of the business culture of the region.

Petty & Associates has been representing clients throughout Latin America for more than twenty years. As a highly ranked immigration law firm with a strong history of advocating for keeping families together, Petty & Associates helps clients navigate the complex immigration laws and regulations of the United States, assisting individuals, families, and companies in Colombia interested in visiting, living, and working in the United States.

The Bogotá office concentrates on immigration issues common to our clients in Colombia, including family-based immigrant petitions, K-1 Fiancée visas, B-1/B-2 business or pleasure visitors, as well as employment-based immigrant and non-immigrants visas, such as E, L-1A, and EB-1 applications, and providing additional business support for Latin American companies seeking to expand their operations into the United States.

With Bogotá being the capital of Colombia and a financial and cultural center of the country and Latin America, Petty & Associates’ Bogotá office is strategically located to provide legal counsel to individuals, families, and businesses throughout Colombia and beyond.

Our Bogotá office is open Monday through Saturday.

If you are interested in arranging an initial consultation to discuss available immigration options, feel free to call our toll free number today at (888) 888-0088.

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