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VIP Plan Benefits

  • If I am detained by Immigration anywhere in the United States, I can present my official card.
  • The card explains that I will give my physical address but that I will not answer any other question until I have had a chance to talk with my attorney. Additionally, the card requests the official to call the attorney.
  • If I am detained by Immigration, I can call the attorney during regular office hours.
  • The attorney will immediately review my case and speak with Immigration. The attorney will explain all the options to me or my family members and advise as to the best way to proceed.
  • If there is a possibility of handling my case, the attorney will explain the process and the legal fees. I will have the right to accept or reject the offer of representation.
  • If I am not detained, I can have up to three (3) legal consultations with regards to my immigration case.


What information must I provide if I am detained by Immigration?

Under Texas State laws, I must provide my name, date of birth, and address to the police.

The card contains my name and date of birth. If I am detained I need only to provide the officer with my address where I live. I will not provide any additional information. I will not lie to the police or to Immigration.

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