Family Immigration

Dallas Family Immigration Attorney

Most immigrants come to the United States through immigrant visa petitions filed by relatives who are US citizens or lawful permanent residents. At Roy Petty & Associates, PLLC, we are dedicated to reuniting families through the lawful immigration process.

The immigrant visa process is a two-part process. Even after a loved one petitions to have you enter the country, you must still apply for a  green card. On occasion, this can happen simultaneously, but generally it occurs separately. There are several significant timelines and steps to be followed through this process. There is also plenty of confusion surrounding whether one can apply for the green card in the United States or if he or she must go back to their home country to apply at the U.S. embassy.

Our attorneys have successfully handled hundreds of green card cases both in the United States and working with U.S. embassies abroad. We will guide you through each step in order to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls in the process. These matters are often highly time sensitive. Mistakes can lead to permanent ineligibility for an immigrant visa.