Green Cards 

Dallas Green Card Lawyer

When you are granted your green card, you are able to permanently live and work in the United States. You may also apply for citizenship after five years as a permanent resident living in the United States. Green card holders who are married to and reside with a U.S. citizen may be eligible to apply for citizenship after just three years.

Representing Immigrants Living in the United States

Most people seek a green card either through  family-based immigration  or  employment-based immigration. Family-based immigration can be based on your relationship with your spouse, parent, sibling or child.

Employment-based immigration is available through a variety of employer-sponsored visas. These visas can range from unskilled workers petitioned by an employer, to immigrants with extraordinary talents, to individuals seeking to make sizeable business investments in the United States.

Other options for obtaining a green card include:
• You possess an extraordinary ability;
• You have invested a substantial amount of money to a qualifying venture in the United States;
• You have been an asylee or refugee for over one year in the United States.

Dallas Green Card Attorneys

The process of obtaining a green card is often complicated due to certain deadlines and sponsorship requirements. You need a skilled immigration lawyer on your side, fighting for your case. At Roy Petty & Associates, PLLC,  we handle these cases on a daily basis and are able to help our clients avoid many of the common mistakes and pitfalls.