Immigration Appeals

Dallas Immigration Appeal Attorney

If a Judge has ordered your removal, we may be able to seek a stay of your removal from the United States until you have exhausted your appeals. We may also be able to reopen your case and cancel your deportation order, either by filing a request directly with the immigration judge, or by working together with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Just because Immigration says that you are not eligible for a benefit does not mean that you are not eligible. The agency processes over 6 million applications each year. Temporary and contract workers handle much of Immigration’s work and errors are frequent. We have successfully overturned many erroneous decisions on appeal as well as reopened many cases with the Immigration field offices based on administrative errors.

At Roy Petty & Associates, PLLC, we have successfully petitioned the immigration court for permit appeals and relief from deportation for many of our clients. Relief from deportation may be obtained by demonstrating exceptional hardships to qualifying family members, good moral character, rehabilitation and community involvement. We vigorously challenge the government’s decision to place an individual in deportation proceedings where it appears that the individual is not deportable. Our attorneys’ backgrounds and experience enable us to find creative solutions. Many times, a successful outcome in immigration matters hinges on innovative ideas and close attention to detail.