Andrés Felipe Gómez Arroyave

Litigation lawyer and legal representative of Aval Abogados S.A.S. for 5 years. He is also an external lawyer for Allianz Seguros in matters of civil liability (accidents). Attorney Andres was among the best ECAES in Law at the national level (State tests) in 2013, he was a plaintiff in the Constitutional ruling C-683 of 2014 of the Constitutional Court.

Attorney Andres is a professor at the IDEAS University of Colombia, Itagüí headquarters in ‘Civil Casuistry’ and ‘Civil Procedure’. Conciliator in Law of the Corjurídico Conciliation Center Headquarters Town. Civil and Family Advisor of the Legal Office of the IDEAS University. Lawyer University of Medellín. Civil Procedure Law Specialist of the Externado University of Colombia.

Attorney Andres has been a trial lawyer in Private Law since February 2014, that includes Hiring, negotiation, arbitration, business creation, real estate, investments, finances, accidents and family matters.