Sebastián Betancourt Restrepo

Attorney Restrepo is a freelance assessor and law consultant in labor law and social security benefits, as well as civil and family law since November 2015, Mr Restrepo is also a professor of Procedural Law at The Autonoma Latinoamericana University; and has been a professor at Pontificia Bolivariana, San Buenaventura and Autonoma de las Americas Universities; all of these in Medellin City. He is a renowned attorney and assessor for more than 5 years in the fields of labor, social security benefits and family law.

Mr. Restrepo received a Scholarship at the Rosario National University (Argentina) to study his Master’s in Procedural Law in the institution. He is currently studying specialization in Labor and Social Security Benefits Law at Pontificia Bolivariana University. Attorney Restrepo has obtained obtaining first place in the contest for law students, held in the XI National Guarantor Procedural Law Congress on October-2010 at Azul City, Argentina. Agreement No. 30 October 26, 2010 and has also participated the in the 1st competitive debate tournament “Unity and Participation”, held on February-2011 at Bogota City. Dean’s Resolution No 041 from March-2011.

He has performed successfully, in court as well as Out-of-Court Settlement, in the resolution of many litigations in the fields of labor, social security benefits and family law. He has also prevented many litigations through mechanisms such as settlement. Likewise, he is an assessor and consultant validated in the aforementioned law areas.