Tom Sanchez

Attorney Tom Sanchez has practiced law for 28 years. He joined the Dallas office of Roy Petty & Associates, PLLC, as an “Of Counsel” attorney in 2016, because of his great interest in Immigration Law.

Tom has argued immigration asylum cases in 2015, 2016 and 2017. He has succeeded in winning asylum for these cases. In addition, he has counseled many other clients in asylum cases, has filed DACA and has filed U-Visa cases as well.

Tom is licensed to practice law in Texas, Illinois, and North Carolina. He is also admitted to practice before federal district courts in Texas and Illinois. Prior to joining the firm, Tom was Senior Vice President at Blackberry in charge of the Patent Department from 2001-2012. He is an inventor on 8 patents in Mobile Communications.

Tom graduated from Chicago Kent College of Law in 1990. Prior to studying Law, Tom graduated with a BSEE in Engineering in 1979 from Southern Illinois University and was a research engineer at Motorola before being admitted to practice law.