Federal Immigration Litigation

Dallas Federal Immigration Litigation Lawyer

At Roy Petty & Associates, PLLC, we have successfully brought suit on behalf of our clients in Federal District Court. Our federal court practice has enabled out clients to cut through administrative red tape to obtain decisions on immigration applications that have been pending for unreasonable amounts of time.

We have also successfully challenged the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) decisions to deny naturalization to eligible individuals. The Federal Court has ordered USCIS to grant citizenship to our client. Immigration may have told you that your background checks are not complete and that it cannot decide your case until the FBI completes the required checks.

Did you know that USCIS has no procedure to verify that the FBI has received a request for a required background check, and that the FBI has told USCIS not to ask whether it has received a particular request? In the course of litigation against the government, we have discovered that information about the required background checks are exchanged manually between USCIS and the FBI. We also have discovered instances in which the information has been lost between the two agencies without either agency knowing that the information was lost. Lost data between USCIS and the FBI have resulted in unreasonable waits for immigration background checks. Our lawyers make sure that your case does not fall into an immigration black hole. We challenge the system in federal courts. Our creative strategies have obtained good results for our clients.