Dallas U-Visa Attorney

Undocumented immigrants in the United States are often victims of violent crimes, including domestic violence. Criminals often target undocumented immigrants because they believe that the immigrant will not report the crime to authorities out of fear of deportation.

The U-Visa is granted to those victims of violent crimes who report the violence to the police or other law enforcement agency, and who assist law enforcement and prosecutors to arrest and convict the criminal. This visa is a temporary visa that allows the victim and certain members of their family to stay in the country while the investigation and trial of the perpetrator is ongoing. After three years in U-visa status, the victim and certain members of their family may apply for a green card. If you have been the victim of a violent crime, contact us today for guidance on how to apply for a U-Visa.

At Roy Petty & Associates, PLLC, we have successfully handled dozens of U-visa applications. Many of our clients who were victims of violent crimes now have green cards. If you have been the victim of domestic violence or other violent crime, we can help. Our attorneys are experts at obtaining U-visas for qualified individuals, and we are able to guide you through each step along the road to permanent residency and naturalization.

The U-Visa statute includes violent crimes such as rape, torture, domestic violence, physical assault, sexual assault, prostitution, incest, slavery, kidnapping, murder, blackmail, abduction, solicitation or exploitation, etc.