Dallas Visa Lawyer

Our attorneys are dedicated to helping you find the visa category that best works for you. Visa categories are generally broken up into immigrant visas and non-immigrant visas, depending on whether the individual is seeking temporary stay in the country or to permanently reside in the United States. At Roy Petty & Associates, PLLC, we assist in guiding individuals through the  employment immigration  and  family immigration  processes. Some of the most common employment based visas include:

  • E-2: Investor visas.
  • F-1 and F-2: Student visas.
  • H-1B and H4: Specialty occupation visas.
  • L-1 and L-2: Intra-company transfers.
  • R: Religious workers.

Dallas Visa Attorneys

The process of applying for and obtaining visas can be difficult. A skilled and experienced immigration attorney can provide the direction to successfully navigate the immigration process, including filing the correct applications and passing interviews with immigration officers. Additional documentation may be required throughout the process. We will help to ensure that you assemble all records needed and are prepared for the application and interview.